MinSegPi Kit - the MinSeg Raspberry Pi kit

商品名 : MinSegPi Kit - the MinSeg Raspberry Pi kit

商品コード : TSI-Minseg-003Kit

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価格 :34,800 (別途消費税8%)

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MinSegPi Lab Kit Includes:

  • Raspberry Pi Model A
  • USB Wifi for wireless programming and data acquisition (Simulink Supported)
  • 4 port miniature USB hub for initial setup
  • 4GB Kingston micro SD, SD adapter for RPi, and USB adapter for formatting
  • Retractable micro USB cable for power 
  • 9vbattery holder and batteries*
  • Project Box

Includes Raspberry Pi Shield:
  • Switched 1A 5v regulator - highly efficient (~96%) - we have tested 9+hours running basic code on fresh batteries
  • SN754410 dual motor driver
  • MPU6050 3-axis accelerometer 3-axis gyro
  • HMC5883L Magnetometer/Compass (Optional)
  • Bluetooth Header for plug in Bluetooth module
  • Header for an ultrasonic module (untested)
  • 2 headers for NXT motors with encoders
  • NXT DC Motor with Encoder and wheels

* Batteries will not ship with international orders

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